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Double processing speed of the B1 size thanks to the ten-colour KBA machine. Precise register of colours. Possibility of lacquering or direct colouring during one machine cycle. Orders requiring maximum processing precision and highly demanding in terms of following technological processes. Catalogues can contain index cut-ins, also called registration cut-ins. They can clearly separate the individual sheets or chapters.

Lepená měkká vazba V2 PUR (lepena-mekka-det.jpg)

Perfect soft V2 PUR binding

Good for demanding usage. The glued-in sheets are resistant to frequent folding. We recommend it as a more cost-effective alternative to the V4 binding for catalogues, magazines, annual reports and books.

  Vazba měkká, šitá V4 (mekka-sita-det.jpg)

Soft sewn V4 binding

Stacks are arranged consecutively, sewn through with tread and glued in the spine. The binding is similar to the glued one; however, it has a longer life and is more resistant when used frequently and in a demanding way. It is used for catalogues, travel guides, books, etc.

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